The most important thing I could ever tell you about myself, is that I know beyond anything in this world that as an eight year old little boy, I was saved by the Lord's wonderful grace.

At the age of eighteen years old the Holy Spirit began to burden our heart, while at the same time plant an unmistakable desire in our soul to preach the Word of God. After two years of evangelizing, we were ordained out of Fairview Missionary Baptist Church (Tater Valley).

My life is evidence of His unfailing Love, & His unending Grace. The longer on this ministry road I travel, the more I realize just how desperately I need him.

Pastoring this congregation is what I feel to be the greatest privilege any man could have. When the Lord sent us to Pine Ridge, He sent us to a special place, with pews filled of people I've come to love dearly.

~Rev. Cody B. Dykes